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COVID-19 – Updates for April 2020

COVID19 Updates for April 2020

Ontario releases New Modelling data on COVID-19, says "cases appear to have peaked"

Ontario health officials say the wave of new community spread cases of COVID-19 in the province appears to have peaked, but the spread in long-term care homes and other congregate settings seems to be growing. Read more...

Auto Insurance Rebates

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario government has amended regulations previously restricting auto insurers from offering rebates to their customers. I received an email today from my insurance company and while it wasn't a default reduction, the form was straightforward to fill out.  Read more ....

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

If you haven't read the official news release from the Government of Canada, click the links below.  I would encourage everyone to browse through the sections as it's quite lengthy and detailed.

What to consider for this year’s unique tax-filing season

If you are expecting a refund, obviously you want to get your income tax return submitted as soon as possible. However, if you owe taxes, the April 30 individual T1 deadline was extended to June 1, so perhaps you might consider waiting.  A great article with several other tax tips by Evelyn Jacks was posted on the Globe and Mail website Read more...

Realized Versus Unrealized Capital Gains in Non-Registered Accounts

Around tax time, I am often asked why there is a capital gain (or loss) on an account when the investor did not make a withdrawal during the calendar year.  This article will hopefully better educate you on why this can occur. Specifically this covers "non-registered" accounts that hold securities such a stocks, mutual funds or ETFs.  It does not apply to the following accounts. Read more...

Market Commentary

I have provided market commentary for some of the major investment firms that I use as follows.

  1. Provisus Wealth Management, Déjà Vu on the Way?
  2. Empire Life Market Update for their Asset Allocation Fund
  3. Sun Life Granite Managed Portfolios, Tactical Updates