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Risk Management Planning

Warren Buffett is touted as one of the world’s greatest investors. Obviously he has a much larger portfolio value than any of us, but how is his portfolio structured as compared to a Canadian Retail Investor? Is his risk tolerance likely higher than a Canadian retail investor?  The Canadian Retail Investor The typical retail investor, […]

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Just an update that I am still working at home as normal but ceased any client or supplier meetings since March 11th. The financial companies and professionals I work with also continue to work “remotely” as the pandemic continues. You may call anytime to discuss whatever is on your mind, financial or whatever.  My advice […]

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Good Risk Management Planning Articles Below is a collection of what I consider good educational articles about Risk Management Planning. Life insurance: Is “Term Life” always enough? Most families are better off buying cheap, straightforward term insurance, but there are situations where universal or whole life policies make sense..…read more Disability and Critical Illness Insurance: […]

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