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The New Kid on the Block…the Variable Annuity / GMWB!

The New Kid on the Block…the Variable Annuity! The variable annuity of commonly referred to as a GMWB is on the horizon. In June 2006, I attended the Morningstar Investment Conference, which focused on “Retirement Income Planning”. One well-known speaker, Moshe Milevsky, introduced the concept in retirement planning of not just how to generate retirement […]


RRIF Withdrawals

I had a great question from a client who recently asked “When I convert my RRSP to a RRIF, how much money must I withdraw each year?”. That’s a great question, so I thought I would explain RRSP and RRIF withdrawals and the basic rules. You can make a withdrawal for any amount, up to […]


Service Canada – Canadian Retirement Income Calculator

Service Canada – Canadian Retirement Income Calculator With RRSP season having just ended and tax season ramping up, the last thing on most people’s minds right now is planning for their retirement. Whether you do your own investing on-line, use your local bank, broker, or a financial planner do you know your “Number”? Experience shows […]


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Annuity Update – August 2023

As rising interest rates continue, annuity payouts have increased too. Below I have a table showing how annuity payout rates have increased substantially since the when I started this blog, September 2020, almost three years ago. Methodology I update the default annuity quote (using the Cannex system). The default client is as follows. 65 year […]


Travel Insurance – Real Life Story

Canadians Travelling Outside of Canada Whether it’s an overnight trip to the USA or a longer vacation, travel insurance is highly recommended. Please see the attached real life story for the cost encountered by a Canadian on a trip to Florida. You can purchase travel insurance up to six (6) months ahead, so if you need a […]


Assuris Announces Higher Levels of Policyholder Protection

May 25, 2023 – Toronto, Canada – Assuris, in partnership with our member life and healthinsurance companies, is pleased to announce higher levels of policyholder protection. Assuris’mission is to protect Canadian policyholders if their life and health insurance company fails. Ourindustry is committed to the financial wellbeing of all Canadians and the increased protectionlevels provide […]


Better Manage Your Taxes and Savings

Here’s a great resource for 2023 retirement planning financial facts. The downloadable PDF was produced by Empire Life and is updated yearly. So what am I often asked about that is on this two page pdf? What is the annual TFSA limit both cumulative lifetime and for 2023? If you withdraw a lump sum from […]


A Simple, Effective Savings Account High Interest Rates

Open a high-interest Advantage Account for your everyday banking and savings needs. You’ll enjoy great features, plenty of flexibility — and an exceptional rate on all your money! Applying for an account should take about five minutes. Please have the following items ready:   ● Your contact information   ● Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) You must […]