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Cash Flow Planning

The key to successful financial planning is cash and debt management. With the constant pressure for instant gratification many. Financial management is more than preparing a preparing a budget, or figuring out when you can afford to buy a house. In many cases a client may not have the cash flow to fund his or her objectives and that’s where I can help. By properly structuring your debts I can help you achieve your financial goals and objectives.

2020 has been quite a roller coaster for investors so far, to say the least. COVID-19 was the primary reason for the market’s decline in March 2020 and thankfully the outlook is slowly improving. While younger investors may take advantage of low prices for securities due to a longer term time horizon, those in the […]

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Annuity Payout Rates I read an interesting US technical article on Annuity Pricing Sensitivity and while the scope of the article is very detailed, one chart showing the payout rate versus age got my interest, as shown below. As I get a lot of requests for annuity quotes, I thought Canadians might find the data interesting if […]

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The Value of Financial Planning Study I am a member of the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC®).  It develops, promotes and enforces professional standards in financial planning through the Certified Financial Planner®/CFP® certification, and raises Canadians’ awareness of the importance of financial planning. FPSC’s vision is to see Canadians improve their lives by engaging in financial planning. A study […]

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