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COVID-19 Travel Insurance Coming in October 2020

COVID-19 Travel Insurance Coming Soon

While COVID-19 cases are increasing, travel insurance companies will soon offer COVID-19 coverage outside Canada beginning sometime in October. I've attached a link from CTV news about Manulife's announcement, click here. Other travel insurance companies have made similar announcements of their upcoming coverages which seem to be $200,000 in coverage.

While you can't drive across the border to the USA, you can fly there, so up until now the travel insurance would not cover COVID-19 illness.  Additionally, you can fly to destinations like Mexico or Spain.  I'm not saying you would want to but you can.  Here is a link to Air Canada's website, so if you want to see your options for Toronto, go ahead a poke around. Here's a link to Air Canada's website

If you wish a quote, please let me know.  You can purchase travel insurance up to six months ahead of the date of departure, so if you have a plan to travel, you can buy your travel insurance now.

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