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Investment Planning

This category summarizes all the investment planning posts for Advantage Wealth Planning.

Indices and Benchmarks – Q4 2013 Reviewing the returns of indices and benchmarks is useful for comparing how your portfolio performed when viewing your latest statement.  A portfolio is made up of several components based upon your risk profile. For example, a balanced portfolio might have 5% cash, 45% bonds and 50% equities. The Canada Pension Plan portfolio […]

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The Value of Financial Planning Study I am a member of the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC®).  It develops, promotes and enforces professional standards in financial planning through the Certified Financial Planner®/CFP® certification, and raises Canadians’ awareness of the importance of financial planning. FPSC’s vision is to see Canadians improve their lives by engaging in financial planning. A study […]

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Weekly Market Review Do you wonder how the markets did last week and what were the major drivers? Simply Click on Week in Review. If you save the link, the commentary updates automatically every week. The information is provided by Fidelity Investments. Not sure where to start with your investment or retirement income plan? Enter your name […]

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