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Travel Insurance for Frequent Travelers

Travel Insurance for Frequent Travelers

Here’s a few ways to save money, if you are or plan to be a frequent traveler outside Canada.

Multi-Trip Plan

If you are a frequent traveler, have you considered “multi-trip” coverage? In a given year, if you take more than three trips out of province (or the US or international), it’s usually cheaper than buying individual trips. There are 4, 10, 18 or 30 day plans. I personally own a 4-day multi-trip annual plan. I’ve also found that if you have one major trip planned, say to Australia for a month, the difference between a single-trip and a multi-trip plan is quite low.

Top-Up a Plan

If you plan to go for an extended period of time on one of your trips, you can add additional days to a multi-trip easily.  Say you plan to go to Hawaii for 2 weeks, you can simply add “10 days” to your 4-day multi-trip plan.

Long Term Travel Plans

If you plan to do extensive travel each year outside Ontario ( in Florida or Arizona for example), I recommend considering a product from Manulife called “Travel 80”. It’s designed to meet your “emergency travel” needs to age 80. There is also a 50% “return of premium”, if you make no claims in 10 years. If you travel is more than 30 days at a time such as a snowbird may opt to do, you can add a “top-up” for additional days. Click here for more information about the Travel80 plan!

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