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Understand Travel Insurance Before You Buy

Understand Travel Insurance Before You Buy

CBC’s Marketplace host, Erica Johnson, had published an article about a couple who had a health issue while traveling and was subsequently denied a claim based upon filling out the travel insurance questionnaire  incorrectly.

If you don’t understand what you are filling out,  you should get the answers before completing the rest of the travel insurance application. If it’s a medical question about prescriptions or treatments, it may be necessary to visit your doctor for assistance. I’ve seen travel insurance cards for sale at the grocery counter checkout. They may be fine, I’m really not sure but do your “due diligence” and consider contacting a licensed insurance advisor such as myself. I can help you work through the questionnaire and clarify questions, so this situation is unlikely to happen. There are many policy options to consider to get the best value. Sometimes the cheapest price isn’t the best solution!

Click here to read the article about problem about a travel insurance loophole that devastated B.C. couple.

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