Feb 24 2012

Family Meetings Simplify Estate Planning

Family Meetings Simplify Estate Planning

This author recommends ” Family Meetings Simplify Estate Planning” as an easier way to handle estate planning


Many people ask, “How do I talk to my parents about estate planning and encourage them to take the necessary steps?” This book shows them how to hold a family meeting and how to get it done. As the author explains in the book, holding a family meeting to plan an estate is usually the easiest method because it allows the family to talk openly about the issues, ask questions, and work together. Using the steps outlined in this book, people can plan ahead by holding an inter-generational family meeting about estate and incapacity planning. The book covers how to document the plan to make it legal, what issues need to be covered to do it properly, what the legal consequences are of insufficient planning, and how to deal with special circumstances such as family businesses, cottages, trusts, and disabled children.




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