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Retirement Income Planning


Focus on and take control of your retirement income planning

Financial Planning means different things to different people. At Advantage Wealth Planning, the focus centers around retirement income planning and is referred to as a “wealth plan”. Whether you are retired or not, we help guide you through a process to determine whether your retirement income goal can be safely met based upon your current behavior. If not, we make recommendations to get you back on track.


Instead of presenting a “forecast” of your future financial picture based on assumptions, the retirement income plan we develop presents an  ”aftcast” of potential outcomes based on actual market history. We have over 100 years of market data to simulate your plan.

Does your retirement income plan answer the following questions?

  • Do I have enough money to retire?
  • How long will my money last?
  • When can I retire?
  • How much do I need to save for my retirement?
  • Do I need a life annuity?
  • What is my optimum asset mix?

What Does an Inadequate Retirement Income Plan Look Like?

An inadequate retirement plan is one which at least 90% of the historic portfolios ( the red or unlucky line ) ran out of money by age 95. Below is a chart showing an inadequate plan, whereby the portfolio ran out of money by about age 80. Note that the median portfolio (the blue or median line) and the top 10% of historic plans (the green or lucky line) lasted to about age 90 and 100 respectively.

What Does an Good Retirement Income Plan Look Like?

A good retirement income plan in which at least 90% of the historic portfolios last i.e do not run out of money until at least age 95. Below is a graph showing a good outcome.

Bottom Line

If your plan is inadequate, recommendations are made to get your retirement income plan back on track.

I offer a complimentary first meeting for you to evaluate the benefits of my services in more detail and what sets me apart from other advisors.

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