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Fee-based Investing

Are you ready to graduate from mutual funds? While mutual funds serve a purpose for beginning investors, there are lower cost solutions to consider as you grow your account.

Fee-Based Investment Accounts

Advantage Wealth Planning has been offering fee-based investment accounts since March of 2011. At that time, we made a strategic decision to transition away from mutual funds as a primary investment vehicle when implementing solutions for a client’s financial plans.

Do you realize that investments are not free? Do you know what your actual cost in dollars is to invest each year? Advantage Wealth Planning offers significant reductions in your investment costs depending upon your Assets Under Administration (AUA).

  • What are the costs to invest in an average mutual fund?
  • What is a Management Expense Ratio (MER) and why you should care?
  • What are Embedded Fees?
  • What is Fee-based investing? How much can you potentially save?
  • The Pros and Cons of Fee-based investing

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