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Purchasing Financial Services Online

Financial Services Now Available Non Face-to-Face

In 2019, Advantage Wealth Planning began to offer fee-for-service financial plans across Ontario using video conferencing.  When the COVID-19 global pandemic began in Q1 2020 clients were also unable to meet with their advisor to conduct business, due to the potential spread of the disease.  As a result, technology evolved rapidly to allow advisors to offer "Non Face-to-Face", in the insurance and investment world. With a financial plan, there are relatively few things to sign but when opening up a new account, there are numerous forms which necessitated the technological changes.  These changes allow you, the client, to complete applications and other related forms without being in the advisor's office.  Below are some of the technological changes.

Wet Signatures versus Digital Signatures

One of the most interesting changes was how to deal with client signatures on documents. When you sign with a real ink pen, it's called a "wet signature", however,using software such as Docusign, you can sign on a form using a digital signature.

Digital Forms

With the issue of digital signatures resolved by the regulators, forms were next to be further automated.  This has been a big process improvement as the time for sending via courier or Canada Post in the mail has been eliminated and the error rate on documents has decreased or at least the turn-around for corrections/changes is much faster.

Screen Sharing Software

This software technology is now a major part of the financial services offering.  People are busy and time is precious, so this communication tool saves your time.  No longer do you have to book meetings to fit into the regular 9-5 hours and the headache of travel to the advisor's office is eliminated. It has also allowed Advantage Wealth Planning to expand our territory to include all residents of Ontario Canada. If you have internet, we can meet!

Current Products for Non Face-to-Face Purchase

  • Travel Insurance
  • Health and Dental Plans
  • Investment Products such as TFSAs, RRSPs, RRIFs, LIRAs, LIFs, RESPs and non-registered accounts,
  • Insurance products such as term insurance, permanent insurance
  • annuities

Current Services for Non Face-to-Face Purchase

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