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Choosing the Right Product or Service

Choosing the Right Product or Service
Financial Planning

Advantage Wealth Planning offers financial solutions in the following areas. 

    • Cash Management Planning
    • Investment Management Planning
    • Retirement Income Planning
    • Risk Management Planning
    • Tax Planning
    • Estate Planning

Where To Start?

Often, a prospective client has a particular priority for one aspect of a financial plan. Commonly that centers around retirement income planning and whether or not they have the financial assets in place to support retirement. If you’re aren’t sure where to start, take the Goal Setting Checklist Quiz to help identify weak spots.

Do You Need Help Implementing Your Financial Plan? 

If you don’t feel you have the time, skill or inclination, a full-service comprehensive financial plan is recommended as a baseline. I refer to this as a turnkey solution. Do you want assistance for the immediate need or do you want ongoing advice and regular reviews to keep your plan on track?

If you feel you can implement and monitor the plan yourself, a modular or fee-for-service plan is a good option. 

Do You Need Help Choosing a Single Product?

Perhaps you only have a single need at this time such as any of the following.

Advantage Wealth Planning can assist doing the assessment and making a recommendation.

If you have further questions for clarification, click here to book a no-obligation call to discuss your needs more fully.


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