Oct 02 2013

Travel Underwriters Travel Insurance – Hints and Tips when Applying Online

Travel Underwriters Travel Insurance – Hints and Tips when Applying Online

While it’s fairly straightforward to apply for travel insurance online, I have added a few screens to walk you through the first few steps,however, if you get stuck, I am available to walk you through it and complete online.

When you select Travel Underwriters Travel Insurance from the DO-IT-YOURSELF TRAVEL INSURANCE page, you exit my site and go to Travel Underwriters website.

Step 1: In this example, I assume a single trip to the US, so I select “I do not travel often, but want insurance protection when I do, what are my options?”



Step 1












Step 2:  Select “Single Trip Emergency Medical”, then “Travel Medical Insurance ” and if for example, you are traveling to the US, select “Worldwide”.

Step 2









Step 3:  Fill in the details of your trip and about yourself and whether you are traveling by yourself or with up to 4 other persons.


Step 3













Step 4: Depending upon your age, there maybe medical questions to answer. Continue with the application to receive your quote and then apply for your travel insurance.


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