Mar 01 2017

Travel Insurance Rider for Hockey Players

Travel Insurance Rider for Hockey Players

I know a lot of individuals who travel to the US for hockey tournaments or exhibition games.

Last year, TuGo Travel insurance added a “rider” for sporting events like hockey to be covered. A “rider” is an addon to a basic travel insurance policy.

In a recent discussion with my associate at TuGo,  he mentioned the following.

“Hockey, recreational or professional is covered with the “Contact sports rider”. The rider is required for anyone participating in, coaching, teaching, training or practicing  on behalf of a registered team, league, association, club or while competing in a registered tournament, competition or sporting event even when not professional. Unless the client is under 18 then he does not need the rider.”

Click here to download the Optional Sports Coverage PDF which provides more details on this rider. Additionally, it lists not just “contact sports” but also “adventure” and “extreme” sports that you may consider participating in when you are outside Canada.



If you are in need of travel insurance, I would appreciate the opportunity to provide a quote.  I can do the application directly with you over the phone and accept credit card payments for this service. If you prefer to do a quote yourself, here’s a link to one of my prime travel insurance partners, that I am contracted with. Click here for TuGo Travel Insurance.

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