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While I strongly believe in giving one-on-one customer service, I have added this page to allow you, the consumer, the ability to get a quote and purchase products that I represent as an advisor.  Please note that it’s not any cheaper to do it yourself but this options gives you the luxury of doing it when it’s convenient for you. Insurance and investment products can be complex, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions at 613 766 0427 or fill in the “contact me” form at the right.  


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Canadians

Travel Insurance for Canadians

Whether travelling in Canada or around the globe, choose the type of protection that’s right for you. From travel medical insurance to trip cancellation and interruption protection, there is a plan to meet your specific needs and protect you every time you travel.

Presently, I have two companies to choose from. Simply click the link below and get a free quote and apply for travel Insurance. 

1. Manulife Travel Insurance * or

2. Travel Underwriters **



* For step-by-step instructions using Manulife Travel Insurance, click here.

** For step-by-step instructions using Travel Underwriters Travel Insurance, click here.

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