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Mar 01 2017

Travel Insurance Rider for Hockey Players

Travel Insurance Rider for Hockey Players I know a lot of individuals who travel to the US for hockey tournaments or exhibition games. Last year, TuGo Travel insurance added a “rider” for sporting events like hockey to be covered. A “rider” is an addon to a basic travel insurance policy. In a recent discussion with my …

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Apr 26 2016

Smart Phone Security

Smart Phone Security Lookout’s co-founder, John Hering, was featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes to demonstrate how a hacker can easily manipulate your phone to access all your sensitive information without your knowledge. Click below to watch the 60 Minutes segment and learn why it’s more important than ever to have protection on your phone. 60 Minutes …

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Nov 19 2015

Travel Insurance for Frequent Travelers

Travel Insurance for Frequent Travelers As you may be aware, I offer travel insurance as a “life-licensed” broker. I strongly believe in travel insurance because for a few dollars a day, it covers you and your family if a “major medical emergency” were to occur when you were travelling outside Ontario. The cost outside Ontario …

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Oct 09 2014

How Long Should Snowbirds REALLY Stay Out of Canada?

How Long Should Snowbirds REALLY Stay Out of Canada? Snowbirds and Travellers to the US A lot of retirees travel south each winter to escape the cold. They are probably well aware how their medical coverage through OHIP works (up to 212 days which is effectively 7 months) and hopefully purchase adequate “travel insurance“, so they don’t find themselves in a financial mess …

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Jun 04 2014

Portfolio Insurance for Estate Planning

Portfolio Insurance for Estate Planning Investments When you invest in the stock or bond market, your are planning for a gain but there is also the possibility of loss. If your investment objective is to protect the capital and potentially pass the proceeds on to your beneficiary after your death, you may want to consider segregated funds. Segregated funds, offered by …

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