Oct 02 2013

Manulife Travel Insurance – Hints and Tips when Applying Online

Manulife Travel Insurance – Hints and Tips when Applying Online

While it’s fairly straightforward to apply for travel insurance online, I have added a few screens to walk you through the first few steps,however, if you get stuck, I am available to walk you through it and complete online.

When you select Manulife Travel Insurance from the DO-IT-YOURSELF TRAVEL INSURANCE page, you exit my site and go to Manulife Financial.

Step 1: Click “I agree”.

Manulife Travel Insurance








Step 2:  “Choose a Plan that’s right for you”, select ‘Get a Quote now” .










Step 3:  In this example, if you are taking a single trip and want Emergency Medical Coverage”, select the “Single-Trip Emergency Medical” and then Continue.










Step 4: Fill in the details of your trip and about yourself and whether you are traveling by yourself, as a couple or as a family.








Select “deductible”: Note:  raising the deductible, lowers your overall cost.

Select YES for Travel Companion Savings if you are traveling with someone else who has purchased travel insurance, otherwise leave as NO.

What is  the BounceBack Benefit?

If you have purchased the BounceBack Benefit with your Single-Trip Emergency Medical plan, Quick Trip plan or  Single-Trip All-Inclusive plan and have to return home from your trip before your scheduled return date because of the following reasons:
• a member of your immediate family, who is not travelling with you, is admitted to a hospital due to an emergency or dies after you leave home,
• a natural disaster causes your principal residence to become uninhabitable after you leave home;
we will reimburse your actual expenses up to $2,000 for one economy class round trip for you to return home from your trip destination via the most cost-effective itinerary and, within your period of coverage, return you back to that trip destination. In the case of a death of an immediate family member, we will pay the lesser amount of the cost of your economy return transportation to return home or to the place of residence of the deceased. Expenses and benefits are subject to the policy’s maximums, exclusions and limitations.









Continue with the application to receive your quote and then apply for your travel insurance.


For those that prefer to complete a paper application, Manulife Travel Insurance Application

For more information about Manulife Travel Insurance and the variety of options available, Download the Manulife Travel Insurance Brochure

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