Oct 18 2017

FollowMe Limited Time Offer from Manulife until November 9 2017

FollowMeTM Health Insurance Special Offer until November 9

Whether you were ever covered by an employer sponsored Health and Dental Plan or not, Manulife has a special limited time offer until November 9, 2017: the FollowMe™ Health individual insurance plan.

Normally you can only apply for FollowMeTM Health Insurance within 60-days of leaving any existing group plan but until November 9, 2017, Manulife is waiving the 60-day application window, making FollowMe Health available to you now.*

Whether you are retired or not, help ensure you’re  health-care costs don’t derail your financial plans. 

Your Acceptance is Guaranteed!

FollowMe Health is  guaranteed acceptance meaning no medical questions when you apply. 

What Types of Plans are Offered?

You can choose from four different FollowMe Health plans, depending on your needs
and budget. There are plans with or without dental benefits and with varying levels of prescription drug coverage, plus coverage for vision care, massage therapy,hearing aids and much more. You can also add emergency medical travel insurance to your plan for a small additional fee.

Please contact me for further information or to apply!

*Limitations, restrictions, and exclusions may apply.

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