Apr 10 2014



While I normally put out a monthly newsletter focused on financial planning, this article is specifically on computer security.
Within the last few days a massive security flaw has affected a large percentage of websites in the world and if you do anything on the web involving passwords, this should be taken seriously.
It’s being called “heartbleed” and you can google it to learn more or read the article below.
The last section recommends that we should  “assume that your accounts may be compromised. You should change your online passwords, especially for services where privacy and security are major concerns.”

LastPass Password Manager

One of the main things I do to protect passwords is use LastPass, It keeps track of passwords and will even generate secure passwords, so you don’t have to invent for example a 12 digit code that’s your dogs name and the year of your birth.  That’s just inviting trouble.
Here is the link to LastPass. It’s free for your laptop unless you also want the service on your mobile device.








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