Jan 14 2017

Good Retirement Income Planning Articles

Good Retirement Income Planning Articles


Below is a collection of what I consider good educational articles about Retirement Income Planning.



Canadian demographics are telling us is that only a small fraction of Canadians will retire with an adequate level of income in 50 years’ time…read more.

Why You Should Think ‘smile’ When Planning Your Retirement Spending Path

A phenomenon called the “retirement spending smile,” whereby expenses often decline during the early years of retirement, before reaching an inflection point and rising in the second half of retirement — in the shape of a smile.…read more

Best to Consult a Financial Adviser for Retirement Assessment

Where will your cash flow come from after you have retired? There are government pensions, your personal savings and, if you’re lucky, an employer pension plan...read more.

The four reasons that retirement is costing Canadians more than ever

Retirement is getting more expensive for Canadians and it has been for quite a while. But despite soaring prices for some popular items at the grocery store, the broader cost of living is not the prime culprit. Rather, retirement is costing  more due to four primary factors, namely, longevity, pension trends, interest rates and investment fees….read more.

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