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Estate Planning


WeEstate Planning often subconsciously avoid the topic of estate planning because no one likes to contemplate their own mortality. But I’d like to stress that what’s at risk is everything that is important to you. By failing to plan, your risk emotional and financial stress on your surviving spouse, children, parents, family business, heirlooms, favourite charity and more.

As a financial planner, I provide the following service:

  • identify your estate planning objectives;
  • assess your financial resources and needs;
  • identify suitable strategies for accomplishing those objectives;
  • assist with the implementation of those strategies; and
  • monitor the estate plan over time, to ensure that it continues to meet his or her evolving estate objectives.

An effective estate plan can minimize tax on and after death, as well as increase the benefits to your surviving family members over the long term. Transferring your wealth in a tax-efficient manner and according to your wishes is the primary focus in the estate planning process.

The first step for everyone should be to have three documents in place. These are a professionally drafted Will, enduring power of attorney, and living will/personal directive/power of attorney for personal care

Succession Planning For Business Owners 

If you own a business, regardless of whether that business is run as a proprietorship, partnership or corporation, the estate plan must consider what will happen to that business upon your death.

There are 6 main strategies for business succession, including:

  1. transferring the business to other family members;
  2. selling the business to surviving partners or shareholders;
  3. selling the business to key employees;
  4. selling the business to outside parties;
  5. taking the business public; or
  6. winding up the business.


Dying in Ontario is Now More Complicated

Dying in Ontario is Now More Complicated Ontario enacted new regulations to the estate settlement process on January 1, 2015. What this means is that now there’s more red tape and delays settling an estate. It’s also more work and responsibility for the executor who implements the wishes of the testator. What Major Changes Have Been Implemented Enhanced compliance …

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Good Estate Planning Articles

Good Estate Planning Articles Estate Planning : It’s about more than who gets your castle! Below is a collection of what I consider good educational articles about estate planning. Estate Planning: When There Isn’t a Will… What is the Way? Creating a will can be an emotional experience, however not having one can cause greater …

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Portfolio Insurance for Estate Planning

Portfolio Insurance for Estate Planning Investments When you invest in the stock or bond market, your are planning for a gain but there is also the possibility of loss. If your investment objective is to protect the capital and potentially pass the proceeds on to your beneficiary after your death, you may want to consider segregated funds. Segregated funds, offered by …

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January 2014 Newsletter

January 2014 Newsletter RETIREMENT INCOME PLANNING  Canada Pension Plan, CPP Payouts for the Canada Pension Plan, CPP, rose a minuscule 0.9% for 2014 based upon the Consumer Price Index. Click here for minimum and maximum Canada Pension Plan Payment Rates. Your CPP payment is dependent on your contributions to the plan over your working career and when …

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The Value of Financial Planning Study

The Value of Financial Planning Study I am a member of the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC®).  It develops, promotes and enforces professional standards in financial planning through the Certified Financial Planner®/CFP® certification, and raises Canadians’ awareness of the importance of financial planning. FPSC’s vision is to see Canadians improve their lives by engaging in financial planning. A study …

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