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Compensation: How I Get Paid

Understanding Compensation: How I Get Paid

Will your advisor or financial planner give you unbiased advise? One option is to request a fee-for-service financial plan which does not have a product sale tied to it. It’s just one of the unique offerings I bring to the table. Below is a list of the different services/products and how I get paid. Please contact me if you have questions or need any clarification.

 1. For Financial Planning

For new clientsDon M Pic: If you want a  Financial Plan only which excludes implementation and ongoing monitoring, then you would request a fee-for-service plan. Click here for specific information. 

For existing clients: If you maintain an account value above $50,000 (see items 2 and 4 below) and have implemented your Financial Plan with me, the annual review and ongoing monitoring is included at no extra cost. This is referred to as asset-based planning.

2. For Separately Managed Accounts

For individual accounts with investable assets greater than $50,000, I have strategically partnered with Provisus Wealth Management Limited.  I am the financial planner and Provisus acts as the investment manager of the portfolios. My fee for these accounts is fully transparent and begins at 0.95% annually but is reduced dependent upon account size. Click here to learn the advantages of SMA accounts.

3. For Life Insurance 

If the financial recommendation includes insurance (such as a life insurance policy),  I am paid a commission by the company that underwrites the policy at the time of sale, and I may receive renewal or service fees for as long as you keep it in force.

4. Segregated Funds

If the financial recommendation includes, I am paid an annual service fee (typically 1%) that is based on the market value of your investment. The fee is embedded but is disclosed in the Information Folder.


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